Wrong way to use Live Chat

I was trying to find better batteries for my digital camera so I went to a number of sites and then I saw that Batteries.com had Live Chat and thought….”They should be experts, they’ll be able to help me.” Here’s the chat transcript. This was probably about a 20 minute chat. Ridiculously long.

Your Sales professional today is Jeane
Welcome to batteries.com, Jeane will be right with you.
Jeane – How may I help you today?
Brandon -I’m using Energizer NIMH 2500mAh and they don’t last long in my digital camera.
Brandon -Is there an optimal type of battery for cameras?
Brandon – hello
Jeane – No sir there is not such a battery.
Brandon – I’m looking at it
Brandon – What’s the best battery for a digital camera?
Jeane – Which battery is it?
Brandon – what lasts the longest in AA format
Brandon – Energizer NIMH 2500mAh AA
Brandon – That’s what I have now. I’m looking for a better battery
Jeane – Well I always prefer our brand.
Brandon – that’s because you make more money on your brand. Which last the longest?
Brandon – Is Lenmar your brand?
Jeane – No
Brandon – can you send me a link to your AA rechargeable. the best one you’ve got
Jeane – One moment
Brandon – This is taking too long for a simple question
Brandon – Do you work at an in-house call center or are you working remotely?
Brandon – hello?
Brandon – hello?
Brandon – Are you done?
Brandon – I’m trying to buy batteries from you
Brandon Exits

Message to Batteries.com: If you can’t provide good customer service, then don’t provide it at all.

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