Good news, bad news for traditional email marketing

The good news is that 68% of consumers dealt with increased Holiday email by just deleting the email, bad news is that 34% of the consumers said they report it as spam to their ISPs, and that is up from 23.4% the previous year.

So if you are CAN-SPAM compliant, what are you to do? “60% of the consumers surveyed said that knowing and trusting the sender was a key factor in determining if they would open an e-mail. Also, 48% of those surveyed said they opened mail from companies that had previously sent e-mails they found valuable. ” says the study from Return Path.

If you provide valuable, relevant and timely email content, your open rates, click-through rates, customers and ultimately your revenue will all appreciate it. After the the high of the Christmas rush, it’s hard to settle into the post-holiday slow period. Resist the temptation to increase email frequency – ensure your email content is relevant to your consumers. Use this slow time to evaluate, test, measure and improve your site relevancy and conversion rate with A/B testing and usability analysis. Set short term and long term goals not only for your website, but for yourself as well.

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