Disrupting the Buy Path

Ecommerce sites live and breathe conversion rate (or at least they should), or the rate at which visitors convert to buyers (orders/visits). Once you spend good dollars driving a visitor to your site, your main objective is to guide them to add an item to their cart and then complete checkout. There is no “average site”, but oftentimes the industry states that average conversion rates are around 2% – 4%.

Your navigation, item attributes and checkout path should be clear and free of obstructions to optimize the conversion potential for every visitor to your website.
In this example, the OneCall.com website offers a good product description for a Nikon Coolpix 7600 digital Camera, a good image with multiple shots, detailed specifications, many support options and an overrall conversion friendly design.

One Call product page
Product Page

However, I find it odd that when the visitor mouses over the “add to cart” button that they would popup a small window re-iterating the same price that is on the product page. The user has already made the conscious decision to add it to their cart. One of biggest barriers to conversion has been overcome so why disrupt the visitor’s commitment at this point?

One Call product page mouseover
On Mouse-Over View

Perhap’s it’s an A/B test where some visitors see the popup and others don’t. In that case I fully support the decision as you can’t improve if you don’t test. My gut is that the popup will convert at a lower rate than without a popup though.

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