Ice cream company’s blog lures more customers

How creative. Who want’s to read a blog about ice cream? Apparently no one, that’s why John Nardini, Vice President of Marketing for Denali Flavors (Moose Tracks Ice Cream), writes a financial blog about personal finance tips that is sponsored by none other than Moose Tracks Ice Cream. I’ll refrain from comment on the all flash site for now where the only text on the page is the title tag… “Home Page.”

Traffic to the Ice Cream site has increased 30% since he started

Now it could be argued that Moose Tracks’ traffic increased 30% because they started with a low base of absolutely no search engine traffic because search engines have nothing to index on the page, (who searches for ice cream anyway) but again, that’s another post. But regardless of where they started, John was very ingenious to go the route of a financial blog to direct traffic to the ice cream site.

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