MSN Adcenter Improvements

I’ve been testing MSN Adcenter since October of last year and found that is was cumbersome to use and to get a good overall view of campaign performance. All of your “orders”, or ads, were displayed in a linear view with no heirarchy to the campaign that they belonged to.

It was such a pain that I just didn’t manage the campaign as diligently as I do Google Adwords or other channels. Well I just logged in, and amen, they’ve now grouped the orders within their respective campaigns, so now rather than having 100 or so orders to look at in one view, I have 7 campaigns that I can drill into if I want to see the orders and keywords. 🙂

If you are in the PPC space, but haven’t used Adcenter yet, it has been very profitable, but doesn’t deliver a tremendous amount of traffic as it is in beta. If interested, here is the link, but it looks like it’s still in beta and you’ll have to apply to be approved.

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