Speaking of 2.0 buyouts – Riya

This looks like one of the most promising new applications to be released in a long time. Riya is not yet live and I haven't been able to get into the beta, but when it launches I predict that they will get hammered with users and will be bought out in the second quarter by a company with a photo management application such as Flickr or Google. In fact, I would guess that the reason for the delay of the live version is because they are ramping up the infrastructure to support the user load.
Riya uses facial recognition software and text recognition software to scan your digital photos and automatically assign tags. If I were lucky enough to have access, I could execute a search on my family's digital photos for every photo of my daughter Olivia that has a stop sign in the background. I could even search other people's public photo collections to see if I'm in the background of their family photos! I can't wait until it goes live!
Riya – Photo Search

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