Google relaunches Sketchup

Last month I wrote about Google buying @Last software, the makers of 3d modeling application Sketchup. Google relaunched Sketchup today, and the best news is that it is now FREE. There's a pro version for $495, but I'm not sure yet what the difference is.

Google seems to be positioning the application as a tool to enhance Google Earth. You can create your own 3d models and upload them to their searchable 3D warehouse. Interestingly, Google hasn't branded the 3D warehouse as such, but is using just a standard Google logo, there's not even a "beta" indicator. Even Froogle is still in beta!

I really like how Google has implemented the use of tags for the objects available on the 3D warehouse search engine. I haven't uploaded an object, but I assume the uploader chooses tags when uploading. Leave it to the Internet though, someone already created an object called "sex house" and tagged it with obscene tags. And no, I wasn't searching for "sex", I searched for "White House"  🙂

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