Advertising in the real voice? – Philips Bodygroom Shaver

Philips has a great site to launch its Bodygroom shaver. It's a flash site that talks about men's bodygrooming and why it's important. A good bit of the dialog is censored because it brags about such things as women "eating frozen yogurt off of your bleeep" if you are clean shaven.

I enjoy when a large brand with strong brand equity gets off of its Ivory tower and creates advertising that the consumer might actually be interested in. I hope it proves successful and we we get see more of this in the future. It's not exactly Cluetrain, as it's not a bi-directional dialog with the consumer, but at least it's stepping away from traditional "corporatespeak" and "positioning".

It would be interesting to see if this type of viral site could drive the next generation of affiliate sales. Currently affiliates offer coupons or malls that drive traffic to a merchant in exchange for commission on sales. What if this Philips website was actually an affiliate produced site and the "where to buy" link as well as every other external link was funneled through Linkshare or CJ? Provided it was effective and viral, I wonder how the Earnings per Click (EPC) would translate?

Anyway, check out the site as it's is very fun and entertaining. By the way, it is a European site which explains why it is a little more risque than we would see in the US.

EDIT: It's been eating at me that I mentioned Cluetrain in the above paragraph. To be clear, this is not Cluetrain, it's just an entertaining advertisement and nothing more. A better example of Cluetrain is how WordPress (the maker of this blog software) is communicating with it's users about why their blogs are not being served all the time. Matt is completely open about the network issues they are having and does not attempt to hide anything. If you read the comments, you will see the true effect of Cluetrain and Pinko Marketing

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  1. adam said

    This is not a European site. Produced for Norelco, an American company, for Philips, who had reservations during the entire production process. I directed all the live action in NYC, with a dude from NYC as the dude in the robe. Don’t put it past us to be risque without European influence.


    Adam Jones

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